Yes, it’s me


Welcome to my Rawcktober’s story. A story about me and my lovely family

I’m a devoted wife and a lovable mother of 2 children.. A handsome gorgeous caring big brother B and little cutey sweety pretty baby A.

I’m also a working mom who supposed to be an architect but end up by being a corporate shopper/buyer for a giant financial institution for about 15 years and currently going too deep with comfort zone, stuck but still survive πŸ™‚

My passion is always be in architecture and interior design. I like all kinds of photography and artworks, love traveling but not yet being a heavy traveler. Eat and shop is the best therapy ever for my heart and soul but not my stomach and wallet πŸ˜›

My life journey begin since i was born ’till now and so ready for another better future ahead. Having these amazing roller coaster of being a wife and a mom at mid-thirty is always fascinating. Yes! Bless me. With all that wrinkle,Β  grey hair, post natal fatty and stretch mark kinda thing that makes people thing i’m that old mature but actually i’m like a raawckin’ youngster inside πŸ˜‰

Stay young, gorgeous and fabulous…..

To make it simple: i’m an ordinary daughter, wife & mother with ultraordinary love.

Live life to the fullest. Love will conquer all

Happy sharing πŸ™‚


Notes: Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment, like or say Hi! wherever we met. It’s nice to make friends with all of you either on virtual world or in real life.

36 thoughts on “Yes, it’s me

  1. Dear Shinta,
    salam kenal. Saya pernah merasa kenal salah seorang cucu Joyosisworo dari Laweyan, namanya Ida dan Cuk. Apakah Shinta mengenal mereka.
    terima kasih


  2. Dear Dik Shinta,
    Saya kebetulan teman keluarga Mas Cuk di Solo. Saya kenal semua Mbak Ida, Mbak Atik, Mbak Andri, Mas Adjie. Bapak dan ibunya juga kenal baik. Oom-oom nya saya dulu juga kenal. Namanya Om Jon, dan Om Ton. Apakah saya boleh minta email Dik SHinta


  3. “i’m an ordinary wife & mother with ultraordinary love.” awwwhhhh…. i love this statement… and at the same time, i envy your love wkwkwkwkk… ^_______^


  4. HI shinta…..or should I call you mbak….*well,I guess so, after reading ur profile here*
    Thank you for your visit to my blog….and its my turn now…..
    nice to know ya :),


  5. Hi Shinta, I just looked over your blog – interesting indeed! I’ll be doing some reading here frequently, Dix…. Salam hangat dari bumi Cikarang mbak…


  6. Melinda Sastrawidjaja says:

    Hi Mba Shinta, salam kenal. Saya senang loh baca blognya mba shinta. Saya boleh minta pin BB atau messenger lain utk tanya2 soal tumkem? Thanx before


  7. Mila Frz says:

    Halo mba sinta
    nice to meet your blog. dari tadi blogwalking cari skincare buat bumil, eh ketemu blog nya mba dan ternyata banyak info tentang kehamilan juga.
    salam kenal ya mba sinta. πŸ™‚


  8. Selamat Siang Bu Shinta,

    Saya Soraya dari
    Saat ini trend berbagi ruangan/roomsharing sangat marak di kota besar. Kami berinisiatif untuk membuat situs pencari teman sekamar/roommate agar orang-orang yang ingin menyewa tempat tinggal (apartemen, rumah atau kost) dapat berbagi tempat tinggal dan mengurangi biaya pengeluaran untuk tempat tinggal. Berawal dari ide tersebut, website diluncurkan pada awal tahun 2016.

    Saat ini saya meminta bantuan anda untuk menuliskan artikel review mengenai di situs blog anda. Saya dan Tim Serumah sangat menghargai jika Anda bersedia untuk memnulis artikel terhadap website kami dan menerbitkannya di blog anda.

    Mohon hubungi saya jika ada pertanyaan lebih lanjut. Saya ucapkan terima kasih atas waktu dan kesempatannya.

    Soraya F.


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