Homemade tiramisu

Resepnya ambil dari youtube.

– 6 butir kuning telur
– 3 butir putih telur
– 6 sdm gula pasir
– 1 pack mascarpone cheese (merk Yummy)
– 1/2 block dark cooking chocolate
– 3-4 sdm kopi dicampur dgn air panas
-1sdt vanilla extract
– 1 pack lady fingers biscuits


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Tomorrow’s menu

I guess…….

Starting tomorrow is the best time for detox..

After a week ago, for the whole week in Solo I ate lots and lots of Javanese foods contained of sugar, salt, ‘santen’ almost 4 times a day..

And this week menu, in particular order :
»» Monday        | selad Solo with meat
»» Tuesday       | Bebek goyeng p.Slamet
»» Wednesday | Iga bakar sapi Cibulan with es Daluman
»» Thursday     | Mie special bakso with es teler 77
»» Friday           | Ayam & ati ampela goreng kremes with es teler (again)


Though the mass is stabil but feels like the whole body is heating & cramping..

Soooooooooo, tomorrow’s menu will be… Hmm, let me see..
~ fresh fruits like watermelon, melon, pear, apple, orange, Bali guava would be nice.. Yessss, the fridge will be full.. Love it!!

~ fresh green salad with olive oil & lemon would be great.. Hmm, a little bit dices of boiled chicken or some slices of smoked beef or a can of tuna or salmon sashimi is still ok, right??

~ local vegetables with peanut mayo called pecel ;D

~ hmmm, what else?? Any other idea??

The important thing, I don’t have to cook them all.. Just cut & stir & serve.. VOILA!! Ready to eat!!.. Yeaaaaaaahhh.. ;D

PS: being sexy is not always about skinny, cranky, silky & “perfect” body (common perception of physical appearance of a woman’s body).. It’s all about the balance of healthy mind, healthy body & confidence..

Thanks to Nigella Lawson for being my inspiration.. Cup cup muah.. 

 Shinta is trying to get more & more sexier… Hiyaaaaaah..

Journey to Solo – Day 9 I Oleh-Oleh Khas Solo

Minggu, 10.05.09 • Oleh2 Khas Solo

Hari ini saatnya belanjaaaa… YEAH!! YEAH!! YEAH!!


Jl.Urip Sumoharjo 80
T: 0271-645214

Jaman saya kecil dulu toko roti Orion merupakan satu2nya toko roti modern yg terkenal, enak & mewah (mahal).. Yg khas dr toko roti Orion:

  • ROTI MANDARIN (kue lapis kuning coklat).. Ada yg variasi pake kismis.. Harganya utk uk.kecil (u/ 18 potong) Rp.47.500 (biasa) Rp.52.500 (kismis), uk. Besar (u/ 36 potong) Rp.95.000 (biasa) Rp.100rban (kismis)..
  • ROTI JEMPOL sejenis roti semir bentuknya bunder kyk burger mini & ditengahnya isi fla vanila/mocca, Rp.13.000 isi 10 bh. Dulu roti ini jd favorit anak2 pd jamannya.. Skali makan saya bs seplastik sendiri hahaha maruuk.. Tp skrg menurut saya rasanya menurun, rotinya jd kyk karet.. Mungkin kualitas terigu/backing powdernya yg beda.. Tp tetep enak kok 😉
    Di Jakarta ada jg rumah makan yg jual roti Mandarin ini tp harganya lbh mahal karena kena ongkir

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