The big 4 and O Birthday Party

Finally, the awaited year has come.

I’m officially reached the BIG 4 and 0. Iyes, i’m 40 years old. Proudly said loud and clear.

A lovely lady said 40 is the new 20 and for sure i feel like 20 inside. Still young and Fabulous, aaaah haaaa  😉

Having a small party at home and surrounded by family, i feel blessed! Except for 1 thing that i feel sad almarhum bapak can’t be here to celebrate with us :”( … send Al Fathihah for Bapak 🙏

Homemade Nasi kuning komplit by mbak sus + homemade yummy cupcakes by Joeyz + kepiting lada hitam + mantau and sapi cabe hijau special delivered by hubby from Balikpapan and of course strawberry cheesecake and love potion #31 by Baskin Robbin. All my favourites successfully made our tummy happy 🙂

FYI, i have like 8 friends/relatives who celebrate their birthday on exact date 9 october in different years. So, every year we congrats each other. Even my bestfriend’s hubby birthday is also in 9 October. Hahahaha…. cool, isn’t it?!?

Last but not least,

Welcome to the club fabulous 40

Keep Calm

Be happy, be healthy, be wise, be sexy, always stay young and gorgeous

I can’t wait to live for a thousand years more

Let’s raawck the world!!


😉 Rawcktober 20-feels-like lady



16 thoughts on “The big 4 and O Birthday Party

  1. Wah pasti seru ya mbak pesta ulang tahunnya,
    Selamat Ulang tahun mbak, semoga dengan bertambahnya umur bisa menjadi lebih baik lagi, maaf telat memberikan selamat,
    Oh iya, salam kenal mbak..


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