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Do you miss me?

How are you these days teman temin? Long time no see yaaaa…

Do you miss me? 🙂


I miss you more my fellow bloggers…

Selama ini jadi sosial media freaks for years then suddenly jadi anti sosial media and any kind of digital communication not even touching my personal gadget for almost 2 – 3 months….. blogwalking? Ke laut aje… nor updating my poor abandoned blog and instagrams since new year itu rasanya…….. weird but at the same feel free……..

What’s wrong with me?

Gatek dan kuper already become my middle name but i’m happy and still SURVIVE!! 😛 tooh informasi dan komunikasi itu bisa darimana aja…….

So, am i ready to go back?

Just stay tune 😉



i'm an ordinary mom & wife with ultraordinary love..

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