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Are you a sharent?

Really nice point of view from Mbak Yo about over sharing children on social media world…

Chez Lorraine

Sharent is a combination of two words; Share and Parent. In this case it is about oversharing parent on the world wide web. Sharent or sharents are parents who overly share everything about their children online, be it on a blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr or any other social networks they have. Sharents share literally every single step their children make.

Actually I had had this post as a draft since November last year. It took me that long to publish it because I still weighed the do’s and don’ts until a blogger friend encouraged me to do so. Sondang blogs about her life and her family. She often shares stories about her cute three kids. Recently she has considered to lock her blog to protect her kids. In her last post she mentioned she heard about the term mommyblogger from me. And that she also received question to the link about mommyblogger…

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