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Bff just wanna have fun

Sometimes when u get stucked, bored and have no idea what to do to make your daily routine even brighter, just call your friends and meet up. No fush, no rush.

Though we always talk thru social media every single day, but the feeling of being gathered together, laugh, touch, hug and talk to each other eye to eye can’t be compared by just clicking all the word buttons on mobilephone.

Talking gibberish about family stuff, work, daily life, world news, today’s trend, keeping up secrets (kepo) and last but not least (of course) latest gossip.

Having four hours of chitchat and an incredible meals especially nachos at Hard Rock Cafe-Pacific Place is like a short, quick time. But at the end, knowing them for about 20 years and having them as bestfriends is like for forever.

Though it needs a lot of here and there for ALL to meet up and last time not even half of it could make it but still i can’t wait for another one.

That’s what friends are for *smooch smooch*





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