SHINTA ♥ 160808 ♥ 160813 ♥ DANIEL

Barakallahu Lakumaa wa Baraka ‘alaykumaa wa Jama’a Baynakumaa fiy Khoirin wa ‘Afiyah, wa Ja’ala minkumaa Dzurriyyatan Shalihah

Aamiin Allahumma Aamiin

“Semoga Allah SWT memberikan keberkahan bagi keduanya dan mencurahkan keberkahan atas keduanya, mempersatukan keduanya dalam kebaikan dan ‘afiyah, serta menjadikan diantara keduanya keturunan yang baik”


There was a time when we hold on just the two of us for more than 7 years to strengthen our relationship and guts to concur another step ahead in front of us

When the time has come and finally we’re legally together, we’re still trying to build up our base for a better future

Subhanallah alhamdulillah, today, we already make it to 5 years of great and amazing marriage life

All i wanna say is thank you for everything my dear husband
For your kindness, calmness, silence, patience, sweet and tenderness to me and our boy

There goes yin and yang in our journey, but i hope there’s always LOVE that will grow together between us

Love you for a thousand years and will always love you for a thousand more
16.08.08 – 16.08.13

Shinta Daniel


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