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D & O middle east wedding party @Rumah Maroko

Last saturday, i had 3 wedding invitations to attend. Somehow, because the traffic was really awful that day & long distance, so i didn’t come to Fina @Cipulir & Made @Serpong. Instead of, i was prepared to go to beauty salon for hair coloring & blow for the night’s party.

The night wedding party was our beloved gorgeous bestfriend mbak Dian & his man Olaf reception. Finally you find your true-love-prince & ready to move on sista. It’s such a big change for you & your family. We’re pretty sure that you’re more than ready to start a new life, a marriage life.

The party was held @Rumah Maroko in middle east theme. So, most women guest were wearing maroccon kaftan and most men just wore batik or formal suit. But some were also wearing arabian gamis.

The wedding souvenirs are also unique. We can choose between 2 alternatives. One is a glass of candies with their names crafted on it. Another one is a card holder. Positively, i chose the candies, love it :).


It was a standing pool party. The food was great (love the salmon pie & bubur sumsum ketan item). The crowd was great. The sufi dance was also amazing. It was such a beautiful, unique & memorable wedding party. We had so much fun though. Because it was my 1st time to Rumah Maroko, so i & my friends were exploring the places and took many pictures of it. *kamseupai

The bride & groom were wearing an international wedding costume. Mbak Dian’s sooo pretty & of course very happy.

Happy Wedding to Dian & Olaf
We hope you’ll have a wonderful marriage life, wish you both the best & happily ever after
Be ready for the roller coaster sistaaaa, enjoy life & have fun 😉
I hope I’ll be visiting you soon in suisse *ngarep.mode




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