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I usually don’t like flowers, not that i’m not a romantic person.. i am 🙂 ,but i haven’t found something interesting or even smell-so-damn-good about one kind of flowers that moment.. I even told mas D when we’re still a young couple, that i don’t mind if he never gave me flowers, i didn’t even like it anyway.. Wook woow!! 🙂

But after i become a wife & a mother, my mood suddenly changed.. those romantic hormone just burst like a fire.. After my mom (accidently) introduced me to some beautiful yet pleasant smell flowers like tuberose (sedap malam), jasmine and casablanca, not to mention beautiful tulips when i was travelled to amsterdam, i really like flowers (not into love, yet)…. Flowers doesn’t mean girly anyway..

Soo now, i like to plant some flowers in my garden like frangipani & some little flowers that i don’t really know the name :p, just to add some colors to my greenery.. and when i had the opportunity to take flowers from someone’s wedding, i don’t hesitate to grab it 1st before the other… Qkqkqk *gak tau malu… But, my effort really worth though.. Now, those flowers already placed in a proper place like…. My living room… Hip hip hooray 😀





i'm an ordinary mom & wife with ultraordinary love..

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