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B’s 1st Magical Moment

Baron’s 1st year birthday – Magical Moment
By Shinta Daniel

»»» 10.10.10
Remembering that time..
There was a giant 41m.o pregger who excited + calmly waiting for her delivery..
Planning to give birth normally, but just 2 days before the arrival, for so many healthy reasons, her family decided to go on SC instead..
By the time has arrived & after waiting for the long queue (she was the last patient on #25.. Yeeaa, just blame the magic moment 10.10.10.. u got that rite!!) she gave birth on a cute, little, handsome, kewl nose, perrrfect baldhead baby creature..
A baby was born on a special date 10.10.2010, just 1 day after his mom’s birthday..
Sssssooooooo amaaaaazzzziiiiing…
Alhamdulillah…. ♥ it!!

And her cute little creature’s name is

……………. ♥ ♥ BARON ♥ ♥ …………….
free man, free warrior & nobleman

»»» 10.10.2011
A baby has become a boy..
But not yet a toddler..
A boy who still drink ASI exclusively & she proudly announced that today also his graduation on a postmaster degree of ASI.. Yeeaayy \(^o^)/ *pasang toga
A slim & tall boy who has guts, strength, courage, coolness, activeness, health & wealth, loud voice (scream, for sure :p) & eagerness to learn anything..

(˘⌣˘)ε˘`) cup! (˘⌣˘)ε˘`) cup!

A baby boy has grown up..
The time passed by so fast w/o prior notice, just like a flash lightning..
Not only him but also we, as parents, learned so much about the baby’s things & values..
Gracefully, though we act as a working-parents, we don’t miss every single thing of his presence & development..
Syukur Alhamdulillah, we’re also surrounded & supported by family & professional babysitter..

»»» All about 1st
Bcoz today is his 1st birthday, now let’s talk about everything comes w/ the word 1st (moment)..
– 1st child in our little family
– 1st grandchild in my family
– 1st breastfeeding while IMD: 20minutes old \(^o^)/
– 1st talk (aaoo.. aaoo..): 1,5m.o
– 1st body rolling: 2m.o
– 1st common cold: 2m.o
– 1st heads up: 3m.o
– 1st swim (by neck ring): 3m.o
– 1st crawl (backward): 4,5m.o
– 1st mall-ing: 4,5m.o
– 1st travel to Bandung: 5,5m.o
– 1st MPASI: 6m.o minus a few days
– 1st bad fever (ISK): 6,5m.o
– 1t crawl (forward): 7m.o
– 1st sit down by his own: 7,5m.o
– 1st teeth: 8m.o
– 1st real swim @ the public pool: 8,5m.o
– 1st stand & walk: 9m.o
– 1st riding his own racing car: 9,5m.o – 1st accident: 10m.o got his hand burnt coz he accidently touched the steamer top
– 1st fall from the bed: 10,5m
– 1st travel by plane: 11,5m.o go to Bali w/ ayah, ibu, eyang, lik Anggra & tante Geshya
– 1st own Birthday party: 12m.o

\(^O^)/ Can’t wait for another 1st moment in his milestone..

ƪ(˘⌣˘)┐ ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ┌(˘⌣˘)ʃ
ƪ(˘⌣˘)┐ ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ┌(˘⌣˘)ʃ

Quote: “Your child will hold your hand for only a little while but will hold your heart for a lifetime.. If you have a child who makes your life worth living just being around him/her and love him/her as much as your own breath..” *mellow

♥ Shinta Daniel – ordinary mom w/ ultraordinary love ♥



i'm an ordinary mom & wife with ultraordinary love..

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