Baby Bee 10 month old birthday

Today my little Bee is 10 month old..
‘N all I can say is that u’re not a baby no more..

U becoming a grown up little boy..

Nop!! A handsome, clever & gorgeous big boy, for sure..


Rolling around from 1 side of the bed to the other while u’re sleeping.. So that ibu & ayah have to baricade the bed w/ lotza pillows

U like to swim w/ your neck ring & aeroplane..
U like to take a bath w/ your ducky.. Quack.. Quack..
U like to watch advertisement on tv while eating..
U can sit down properly since u’re 8 month old..
Now u’re starting to crawl forward to catch up your toys in front of u & run towards us..
U’re soo eager to learn how to stand by your own..
U can drink water & orange juice from your own magmag mug.. No more bottle & spout, ibu 🙂
U like to drive your new red racing car & turn on the singing beep.. Vroom vroom vroom tolet tolet tolet.. Then soon u’ll be joining F1 racing team.. Yiihaa..

This month is your 1st Ramadhan..
When ibu & ayah eat sahur, u also wake up to drink ASI for sahur..
When ibu & ayah breakfasting, u also wanna join on the dining table, sitting on your own portable dining chair, playing w/ your plates/spoon ‘n eating some biscuits or fruit..
‘N the grateful thing is u really enjoy listening to adzan maghrib, seriously!!.. Subhanallah Alhamdulillah.. Hope u’re gonna be the great imam, boy.. Insya Allah..

Now, let’s talk about the food that u already eat..

  • Carbs: Brown/red/white rice, arrowroot, potato..
  • Veggie: carrot, bean sprout, broccolli, tofu, tempe, red & green bean, cauliflower (kembang kol), green/red spinach, zucchini, kabocha, bit, tomato, sweet corn, chinese cabbage, cai sim
  • Fish: salmon, tuna, iwak teri 😛
  • Meat: chicken, beef
  • Fruits: apple, pear, avocado (the most favorite fruit), banana, papaya, watermelon, baby orange
  • No sugar, no salt, no cow milk..

‘N ASI is still your best consumption ever.. Woohoo \(^o^)/

Next, u’ll try another exciting healthy food such as plain yoghurt, unsalted cheese, japanese sweet potato, kiwi, strawberry, peach, whole wheat bread, egg, oatmeal, mushroom etc coz u already have 2 teeth below your gum..

U also love music.. Watching some videoclips from ayah’s tab is becoming your daily routine.. ~ Elmo’s song, twinkle twinkle, wheel on a bus, old mac donald had a farm, ABC ~ are some of it.. Not mention SM*SH “U know me soo well” … Qkqkqk…

Though Ibu & ayah don’t always right beside u all the time but we promise to give u love, affection & all the best u need include ASI exclusive until 2 years old.. We hope u can be an ASIX professor, yeeaayy…

The best precious moment that Ibu will always remember for the rest of Ibu’s life is when we did the skin to skin breastfeeding moment.. Your innocent eyes staring at me, your mouth looking for milk like a hungry fish, your feet kicking at ibu’s tummy, your creative hand playing around while ibu singing your favorite songs.. Subhanallah.. Ibu wish it will last forever, boy.. Hiks *tears drop.. Ibu hope at the age of 2years, we can do some weaning with love..

Well, ı guess that’s all for now..

Happy 10month old my son
Ibu & Ayah always pray for u to be sholeh kid, clever, dilligent & all the best for u.. (˘⌣˘)ε˘`) cup!

Hugz & kisses,
♥ Ibu & Ayahnya Baron ♥
Ordinary parents w/ ultraordinary love

PS: lumayan juga bhs Inggrisku yaaa… Practice makes perfect 🙂


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