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Journal of a pregger #17 – young sexy mommy wannabe notes

Journal of a pregger #17 – young sexy mommy wannabe notes
Jakarta, 16.09.10

Kalau young sexy mommy wannabe lagi keluar lebaynya, isengnya, mellownya & pengen cari perhatian si adek & bapaknya.. Langsung jaya update status di FB & twitter.. Some are my (meaningful) quotes, the rest are just simple thoughts..

young sexy mommy wannabe simple thoughts:

  • “Can’t wait to meet my baby real soon but also don’t wanna lose this precious preggy moment.. What do u think, baby?? #shinta daniel’s simple thought
  • “This living creature inside me is breathing, heartbeating, eating, moving, kicking, crawling, listening, feeling very well.. *subhanallah* #shinta daniel’s simple thought
  • “Still amazed & can’t believe there’s a body inside me.. Alive!! *subhanallah* #shinta daniel’s simple thought
  • Suasana Ramadhan menjelang Lebaran: “Kaki mekar  tangan bengkak  badan melar  gusi m”radang kepala migren c’mon! What else to complete this perfection? New clothes for sure  #shinta daniel’s simple thought
  • “Hr ini si adek muter’y nebsong bgt.. Tmbh kenceng & sering.. Body’y da makin besar & perut ibu mkn sempit.. Ngeeek ngoook.. Ngiluuu.. #shinta daniel’s simple thought
  • “Suddenly SHOCK!! looking @ my own pic… Gedang bener maaak…”Ibu2″ banged… Hahahaha… Sontoloyo… #shinta daniel’s simple thought
  • “Ow ow ow u’re sooo busy inside baby… Lg ngapain sii? Ibu dah ngantuk nii, mw bobo kamu mlh msh mw main… #shinta daniel’s simple thought
  • “the most beautiful rhythm I’ve ever heard in the world  the sound of baby-in-mom’s-tummy’s heartbeat & bloodstream  so blessed that I can feel it ev’ry morning… *subhanallah* #shinta daniel’s simple thought
  • “Am looking @ my baby’s photo  Ur nose,ur eyes,ur chick,ur lips,ur forehead  It’s just perfect,ur soo cute my gorgeous baby.. Thx to USG 4D #shinta daniel’s simple thought
  • “My baby’s heart is beating so hard so I can feel it.. Luv it!! #shinta daniel’s simple thought
  • “C’mon baby, keep kickin’ me.. Be sporty be healthy.. Mommy luv u#shinta daniel’s simple thought
  • “I’m lullabying my baby w/ indonesian children songs: lihat kebunku, cicak di dinding, pd hari minggu, balonku, ambilkan bulanku, burung kutilang, nama2 hari, ☆ kecil, kupu2 lucu,aq anak sehat, cublak2 suweng, abang tkg bakso, pelangi, pepaya mangga pisang jambu #shinta daniel’s simple thought
  • “If u miss your hubby, message him by using your baby’s signature.. “Dad,pls come home,I miss u”  daddy’s baby.. Hope it works!  #shinta daniel’s simple thought
  • “I luv to hear the sound of morning rain I luv to smell the wet ground I luv to see fresh green leaves I thank Gd for all this blessing.. #shinta daniel’s simple thought
  • “I luv when he’s active & kicking me, though sometime it makes me itchy, scratchy & a little bit least I know he’s still there & happy inside.. mommy luv u baby.. #shinta daniel’s simple thought
  • “Deg godeg godeg godeg godeg.. Jam sgini si adek lg godeg godeg… Hihihihi.. Sabar ya deek, sbtr lg tantenya dtg bw burger & french fries.. #shinta daniel’s simple thought
  • “Yeaaaay, alhamdulillah idungnya mancung kyk bapak’y… Thx to USG 4D #shinta daniel’s simple thought
  • “It’s gonna be 2 Libras in da house.. My hubby’s already goin’ stressfull.. Qkqkqk #shinta daniel’s simple thought

my (meaningful) quotes:

  • “No matter what, mom will always be on her baby’s side ’till she/he grows up & death do them apart.. A child is always a child#shinta daniel’s quote
  • “Talking to my baby is the most precious thing #shinta daniel’s quote
  • “Your baby’s health is more important than ur self so don’t push too hard, just relax & get comfort most #shinta daniel’s quote
  • “An emotional bond between mom & her baby is much closer than her own heart #shinta daniel’s quote
  • “Being a child is always a child even when u’re already married & is gonna have a child of your own… luv, mom & dad #shinta daniel’s quote
  • “To calming down your baby fr kicking is by rubbing your stomach gently & singing him/her a song #shinta daniel’s quote
  • “Do u believe in magic? Well, keep (+) thinking & always praying esp. Ayat kursi to cure & strengthen mom & baby #shinta daniel’s quote
  • “Do evrything for ur baby no matter what, even if u’ve to sacrifice something.. Nothing can replace him/her.. #shinta daniel’s quote

….. See!! betapa lebaynya 😛

🙂  shinta daniel – young sexy mommy wannabe 


i'm an ordinary mom & wife with ultraordinary love..

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