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journal of a pregger #12 – letter for mommy & daddy

journal of a pregger #12 – letter for mommy & daddy
Jakarta, 16 august 2010

Hello mom,
Hi dad,
How r u today???

I know today is a very special day to both of u..
At the very exact date 2 years ago u both make a vow.. In public!!
At the very exact date 1 year ago, I guess u’re still making me.. In private!! *xixixi, grin*
And now, today, u’re having…… ME!!!
Yeeaayy, u made it, dude *BRAVO!! Keplok keplok*

Now, I’m already almost 33weeks in mom’s tummy.. Such a very fast time..

I like to play with u evryday.. I enjoy kicking u, having u itchy & scratchy, making fun of u ’till u laugh & amused.. though sometime I also make u sick, sad & even cry *Sorry, mom*..
Together, I feel like we’re a couple of crazy nuts who run with your hormone & mood just like riding jetcoaster & merry-go-round at the same time..
Evrything seems totally wrong but still under control.. Doesn’t it, mom?!?! 😉

I like when u spoil me with your shopping & culinary hobby.. Then, I’ll be the healthiest & most fashionable baby in the world.. Nice job! keep up the good work! I like it!
I love to hear u sing indonesian children songs & pray ayat kursi to me evry night while u caress me w/ your soft & gentle arm through your belly..
From now on, I beg u to do it evryday ’till I grew up.. I don’t want to lose it.. Pleeeeasssse..
love u mom

Thanks for taking care of my mom when I’m still inside her.. Riding us evryday to the office & many places, accompanying us to om doctor, cherishing us when she’s down/sick, guarding us from harm & danger..
Thanks for my first cute little HRC panda u brought from BJ, my first lovely jungle room u decored for me, my first jumper, hat, socks, bip, blankets u bought for me.. I’m surprised that u can choose the style yourself w/o mom… Qkqkqk
Your support, love, tender & gentleness to mom is more than she’s expected.. Trust me!!
When I’m already outside, I wanna play w/ u more often, getting to know u even better .. We’ll do sports, chats, games & all the crazy things together.. Can’t wait to finally have fun w/ u..
love u dad

Well, I’m gonna end my letter, don’t wanna do too much talking right now… I’m still a baby in mom’s tummy, u know?!?! 😀

Last but not least, I just wanna say………..

Happy 2nd year anniversary to my mommy [shinta] & my daddy [daniel]!!

16.08.2008 ~ 16.08.2010

I’ll join u both to enjoy the beautiful world real soon ‘n I promise to make your life full of happiness, cheers & joy.. 😉
We’re gonna rock the world, yeaaaah!!!

Love u mom love u dad

baby in mom’s tummy



i'm an ordinary mom & wife with ultraordinary love..

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