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Journal of a pregger #8 – 6 bulan I Love letter for my precious baby

Journal of a pregger #8 – 6 bulan I Love letter for my precious baby
Jkt, 2.07.10

Haloo, hari ini adek mw ktm om dktr lg.. Baru kali ini si adek ktm sm om dktr ga ditmnin sm ayahnya tp ditmnin sm yangti.. Pertama2 Ibu ditimbang dl, Alhamdulillah berat Ibu naik lg 3kg dr bulan lalu… Waah, pasti berat adek ikut naik jg ya deek, soalnya perut Ibu mkn besar, mkn berat & baju2 sdh ga ada yg muat.. Ibu jd pk baju baru trs deh kl k ktr 🙂

Umur adek hari ini 25 mgg 2 hari, berat adek dah naik jd 826gr… Alhamdulillah sehat.. Berkat kecanggihan teknologi, om dokter ksh liat lg foto adek yg lbh jelas pake USG 4 dimensi.. Pas mw difoto, si adek malu2 nutupin muka’y jd ibu t’paksa miring2 biar kamu kliatan deek… adek di foto close up mukanya.. Alhamdulillah sdh jelas bibirnya, idungnya, matanya, dagunya, jidatnya, tangannya nutupin pipi, kakinya naik2 keatas smp nabrak dahiii…. Lucuuuu bgt… Subhanallah.. My baby looks soooo beautiful…. Mirip siapa ya kamu deeek?!?!…..

U’re the most precious thing I’ve ever see in my life, baby.. Hiks *mewek*

Love letter for my precious baby

My baby
I ♥ when ur heartbeat sound soo loud & fast
I ♥ when u’re soo active
I ♥ when u start moving
I ♥ when u’re kicking me
Even @ midnight..
Though sometime it makes me itchy, scratchy & a little bit pain
at least I can feel what u’re doing ‘n I know u’re there & happy inside..

Do u know baby??
I ♥ when my tummy looks soo big
I ♥ when my walking looks soo strange
I ♥ when my emotion feels soo sensitive
I ♥ when I start to pee all the time & fart more often *upss*.. (Shame on u mommy.. :p)
Well, I dedicated all to u, my baby..

My baby
I ♥ talking to u
I ♥ praying for u
I ♥ shopping w/ u
I ♥ doing lotza thing bcoz of u
My ♥ is just devoted only for u, my baby.. (Ssst, don’t tell your daddy yaa.. ;D)

Now I know why evrybody keep asking me “r u pregnant?!” Not “r u getting fatter?!”..
Then I’ll say it outloud proudly “yess, I’m pregnant & going to be a young sexy mommy for my beautiful baby”
And now I know why evrybody said “Enjoy it!!!”..
I’ll start answer it “Yeaah, I’ll try my best dear..”

Our journey is still long, baby.. 3 months to go..
And sooner or later there’s more surprises we’ve to deal with..
I pray 4 u evryday for your health & your safety..
I hope we’re gonna be just fine through the good / bad times & I’m sure we’re gonna make it..

shinta daniel – young sexy mommy wannabe



i'm an ordinary mom & wife with ultraordinary love..

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