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I’ve reached 100

….. on my FACEBOOK Notes yesterday & 90% are my own original creations for about less than 1 year..

***sorak-sorak bergembira sambil nge-tos a glass of wine***

Tapiiiii.. Although my MULTIPLY blog has arleady reached 300an Notes for about more than 2 years but not more than 50% are made by my self.. The rest are copas from others, repost & basa basi GAG PENTING buat cari perhatian yg akhirnya gag diperhatiin juga.. Kesyaaaaan deh.. ;)..

And what about my FRIENDSTER blog?? Aah, kelaut ajeee… ;(

Well, that’s a blog is for, right??

At least that’s what my friend said (quote):  “ngeblog itu ajang orang yg kurang perhatian untuk cari perhatian”..Hahaha, pinteeer.. *EGP, kasih 1 jempol aja aah*

Hmmmmm, that’s why I decided to be more creative in light writing (for the sake of my own happiness & my brain refreshment) especially in the field that I love & capable of..

Beginning with food (sushi always forever mode.on, #1 on my list ;p), ice cream, shopping (BIG SALEaholic), spa therapy, travelling (although mostly in virtual mind), culture, sports (DAA, talk to my hand!!), inspirations, place to hang out, movie & book review, gossip and especially about“narsisus shintangitus in photographitus”(ssst, that’s why I married a photographer, yesss!!)

~ Comments, shares & ‘kritik membangun’ are much welcomed
~ Plagiarism & dis-respect (bener gak tuh spellingnya??) are not allowed.. **Bloggers attitudes RED ALERT!!**
~ Politic & diplomacy is out of my area
~ Somebody wanna be my book publisher? Well, just get ready to be protested & broke.. qkqkqkqk (Laugh out loud)

 Shinta send many thanks & give lotta smoooochess **cup cup cup muah muah muah** to her hubby for letting her “selingkuh” with her facebook & blackberry.. “U should be more proud of me babe”.. **kedip2 manja**



i'm an ordinary mom & wife with ultraordinary love..

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