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Workshop Washi 3D

SUNDAY, 15/07/07 at 10, i went straight to Hoka-Hoka Bento, Blok M Plaza to join workshop washi 3D held by Revi.. there are 10 pals that already cutting the washi paper.. there are 2D & 3D..actually Revi has already published 5-7 books about Paper Creation & Dolls.. maybe we could find it in Gramedia.. created by Revi Devi Paat..

Actually the process is not so difficult but it really needs patience and accuracy.. cutting & cutting & cutting.. folding & folding & folding.. jadi deh… it takes 2 hours

SUNDAY, 29/07/07 at 10, workshop washi 3D, topic : “one big happy family”, figure : oji-san.. it’s more difficult than the first one especially how to make the body.. so it looks fat / heavy.. and again there’s a tiny origamy that we should make.. the gift box and stars..

SUNDAY, 09/09/07.. workshop washi 3D, topic : “one big happy family”, figure : tomodachi.. then again, much more difficult coz we have to make 2 dolld at the same time.. and they are sisters.. the differences are :
– the older : shorter hair (her hair is just like javanese blangkon), shorter sleeve and more narrow obi
– the youger : longer hair (with “kuncir”), longer sleeve, wider obi

then again.. patient.. patient.. patient..’coz it takes 4 hours.. hmpfh..



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